Air-Traction Belt

Air-Traction Belt

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Air-Traction BeltAir-Traction Belt

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Away from lumbar vertebrae pain! Lumbar vertebrae plays a crucial role in evolution from great apes to humaninty, and also under great pressure. Apart from a few hours sleep, lumbar vertebra has to bear more than 60% pressure of the total weight of body. So relief is important in preventing and treating lumbar vertebra diseases!

Air-Traction Belt

Suitable for following:

  • Abnormal function of small joint of lumbar vertebra
  • Hyperp lasia of lumbar vertebra
  • Those who are engaged in sports or occupations that need to use waist much
  • All patients who need traction treatment and support of lumbar vertebra
  • Herniated disc patients before / after operation
  • The acute / chronic sprain of lumbar vertebra
  • Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc
  • Portable to carry
Air-Traction Belt