Hot BGA Rework Station Systems Reballing Melding Soldering Repair Machine

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Hot BGA Rework Station Systems Reballing Melding Soldering Repair Machine

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Hot BGA Rework Station Systems Reballing Melding Soldering Repair Machine


1. Latest New Optical Alignment System, easy to operate, success rate can be 100%.
2. With laser position.
3. Automatic identify BGA chips and mounting height.
4. Top heater device and mounting head 2 in 1 design.
5. Semi automatic soldering and desoldering.
6. CCD System and Optical Alignment System combined, can change the Screen by one button.
7. Automatic adjust chromatism resolution and brightness.
8. With laser position.
9. With Micrometer to do Micro adjust.
10. With a powerful cross-flow fan to cool PCB rapidly to prevent it from deformation.
11. With 3 temperature zones and 3 external temp sensor sockets.


  • Power voltage  : 220V±10% VAC   50/60Hz
  • Total power  :    5300W Max.
  • Top hot-air heater  :   1200W
  • Bottom hot-air heater : 1200W
  • Bottom IR heater  : 2700W
  • Size of button heater :   360*240mm
  • PCB Size   :  Max.500*400mm / Min.22*22mm
  • BGA Chip Size:   Max.80*80mm / Min 2*2 mm
  • Positioning  :  V-type groove, with universal fixture
  • Temperature control :  K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop) ±2 degree
  • Max.amplification : 230X
  • Surface mounting accuracy  :  within ±0.01mm
  • CCD and optical system    :   Zoom in And out,beam spilt, micro-adjust, Automatic adjust chiromatism resolution and brightness
  • Machine dimension :  640x630x900mm
  • Packing weight :100kg

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hot BGA rework station complete Set

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